Opting for Water Filters to Lose Weight

water filterDrinking clean water when losing weight is essential.If you know that the water you get through the tap is contaminated, presents all sorts of sediments or has a specifically unpleasant odor, then maybe it is time to think of purchasing a water filter system to help you drink a better quality tap water. Many people who can afford it, will choose to purchase bottled plain water, but if you have a large family and the water consumption is big, then you would have to make a deposit of these bottles in your house.

I use a simple pitcher-like Brita filter as a part of my daily routine. It not only cleans the tap water well but allows me to use the same water for many juicing recipes for weight loss, energy and detox. The water tastes pure and odorless. And I know for sure that it has less chemicals and is really beneficial for your body hydration, especially when you work out and trying to lose a few pounds.

A better alternative to this is to choose any of the water filters available on the market. They are of different types, and they are as follows:

juicing recipes for energy and losing weightFilter that can be used for the entire household. This system will help you have all the water that comes in your house filtered and clean of all impurities or contaminants. Whether is the water for the tap, bathtub, washing machine or toilet, it will all come filtered. The downside of it is that it requires having its cartridges frequently changed to ensure the filter does a good job.

Under the sink water filter is a good choice because this one is installed under the sink where it is out of sight. The water you will get to the faucet will be filtered and the other benefit is that its cartridges do not have to be replaced very frequently. But you need to know that once it is installed under the sink, only the potable water is filtered that can be used also for cooking.

Choosing over the counter water filter is another way to benefit from clean and contaminant-free water. This system is simply installed over the counter without needing to bring any alterations to the plumbing installation. You just have to put the water inside the filter chamber and then get clean water.

Faucet mounted water filter will be connected to the faucet with a bypass valve and in this way, tap water is directed to filter and get clean water in your glass. These filters are easy to install without requiring any expertise.

UV cartridges are the best and more effective system to allow you get bacteria-free water removing as well all sediments. With filters that are based on granular activation carbon the odor that exist in the tap water is also removed.

For health in general, weight loss and detox, clean and purified water is very important. If you know that your water goes through pipes that are made of lead, then chances are for the water to get contaminated by this element. At this point, a lead filter should be installed to the pipe that leads to the kitchen sink.